What Makes A Good Quality Pool Table

What Makes A Good Quality Pool Table

Having a pool table tagged along with a dartboard makes the gaming experience more exciting. The dual combination can steam things up in the games room and there's barely time for boring moments. It's a wonderful combo and every billiard enthusiast will be delighted with the prospects.

However, there are things you need to look out for in a pool table before purchasing. You don't want one member of the pairing faltering midway into the excitement. Do you? Certainly not.

A dartboard has fewer worries relative to a pool table. It's just nailed to the wall and has little to worry about structural integrity, cloth, rails, and every other complexity of a pool table.

However, a pool table comes with many parts and you have to do the assemblage yourself. Consequently, it has to be of premium quality.

Here are some of the qualities of a good pool table to make the combination awesome.


Pool Table Cloth 

The clothing on the surface of the board can affect game fluidity. If it's of poor quality, it will constantly retain dust which can affect the smoothness of the ball while rolling on it.

A pool table cloth that is a blend of wool and nylon fits the bill perfectly. It offers a smooth and plush surface for the ball to roll on. The best part of it; it's durable. Unlike the poor-quality ones made of just nylon that are prone to tearing after a while, this one stands the test of time.

Subsequently, you should watch out for the quality of the material used. Maintenance is also key to durability. Clean it regularly and shield it from constant sunlight.

Body Frame 

The structural integrity of your pool table is something you shouldn't treat with kids' gloves. If it's in poor shape, it can affect everything going on atop it. It can also be dangerous for you. It can collapse on your feet any day and get you injured.

To avoid ugly scenarios like this, find out the quality of wood used in the construction. Opt for stronger woods if you are given options. The point here is that you need a durable frame and one that is not prone to rot or attack by moths.

Some come with legs made of plastic which are to some extent; questionable, but if you are given an assurance on quality, you can take your chances. The plastics are resistant to water and rot, but their strength and density might not match up to the task in the long term.

The bottom line; the structure is everything. Do not be too careful to invest a little extra on the best quality of frame out there. It's a long-term investment you'll certainly enjoy.


Cushions are important. They offer great rebounds for a thrilling gaming experience. Always inspect the quality of the cushion. This implies that you should go for the best grade of cushions available.

Typically, they are made of rubber and grade A is naturally ahead of the rest. This should be your first choice if you want to enjoy that sublime rebound quality of a good game.

The canvas behind the rubber is important as well. The canvas helps the cushion stick tightly to the rails and the canvas at the top of the cushion streamlines the performance of the rubber.

Lastly, K66 cushions are the best in the industry. Go for them if you have the means.

Play Surface 

Most play surfaces are barely adequate for a billiard game. Some are shabbily made and masked in nice clothing. The clothing has its role and won't fix the poor shape of the layer beneath it. As a matter of fact, it's going to affect the role of the clothing as well.

A good surface should be smooth for the seamless movements of the ball. It should also maintain a balanced position on the frame holding it. Having unequal sides can affect the quality of the game. Imagine having the balls rolling towards one direction all time and then all your efforts to push them forward fails.

If you really want to get the best out of a play surface, you should consider investing in a slate playfield. Diamond-honed slate playfields are the best as they offer smoother surfaces and balanced playfields for a great game. If you can't afford a slate playfield, ensure the one you decide to settle for can match up to a slate in density and smoothness at least.


Rails should be considered with special attention. The cushions and pockets are attached to them and if they are substandard, they ruin the gaming session with time. The rails should be made with tough dense materials and should be at least 4 inches wide.

When going for laminated rails, endeavor to find out if they are resistant to scratch and burns. Consequently, high-pressure laminate rails will serve you longer than you anticipated.

The rails at the top should be made of strong woods. This is because the cushion rubber glued to the surface of the rails might need to be changed in the future. When that time comes, particleboard will do a terrible job in the regluing process as you get rid of the old cushions. However, wood is strong and resilient, thus, best fit for the job.

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