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$100,000 in identity theft coverage every time you buy from a participating Trusted Site or McAfee SECURE certified site. * Or get $1 million coverage that never expires by purchasing Identity Protection Pro from Trusted Site.

Shop with Confidence - Your Information is Secure

You can shop with us in confidence! We are a Verified Https Website. (http secure) we have been partnered with Shopify one of the nation's leading payment gateways to accept and process credit card payments safely and securely for our customers.

That partnership continues to be in effect today because we take the responsibility of keeping your information secure very seriously.

Who has access to your credit card information and how will it be processed?

Once the Check-Out button has been pressed at the end of the checkout process, Shopify manages all of the complex routing and verification of your sensitive credit card information.

Both our company and Shopify adhere to strict industry standards for payment processing, including (but not limited to) the following:

128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions.

Industry leading encryption hardware and software methods and security protocols to protect cardmember information.

Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Additionally, full credit card numbers are never stored on our servers or made available to be viewed by any individuals at any time.

Lastly, we are fully accredited by MacAfee Secure. Which means:

This site is regularly monitored for security issues like malware, malicious links, and phishing.

No Malware or Malicious Links

Sites that contain code to install on a website visitor's computer and transmit users' private or sensitive information.

Not Google Blacklisted Sites on this list are determined to be malicious by Google and are blocked from Google's search results.

Not a Phishing Site

Phishing sites pretend to be legitimate while trying to trick users into typing in their username and password.

Not an Attack Site

Hackers create attack sites to intentionally host and distribute malicious software.

Not a Compromised Site

Compromised sites are legitimate sites that are hacked to include content from attack sites.

For additional information regarding the privacy of your sensitive cardholder data, please read Our Privacy Policy.