7 Ideas to Spice Up Your Home

7 Ideas to Spice Up Your Home

Whiskey Barrel furniture has been around for a while now. Despite all the threatening innovations in furniture, it's still surviving. We can't help but admire its sheer uniqueness. When your hangover becomes history, that old whiskey barrel isn't.

It can be recycled and used as furniture. This is because it's made of oak wood. Oakwood is strong, durable, and resilient.

But more importantly, this wood is flexible, making it easier to transform it into something else like furniture in the context here.

We'll be sharing some ideas on whiskey barrel furniture as you read on. These ideas will expose you to some fantastic uses of those old whiskey barrels you plan on trashing.

If you'll be going DIY on them, then you need to be creative, patient, and resourceful.

Ready to start repurposing your whiskey barrel? Then come with me.


5 Brilliant Whiskey Barrel Furniture Ideas


1. Wine Barrel Side Table

Your whiskey barrel can be converted into a side table. Just cut them into 2 halves in a crosswise manner then paint as desired. A large barrel can get you 3 side tables at most. This can be used in your lawn while consuming your next whiskey.

2. Coffee Table

Whiskey barrel furniture is common when it comes to coffee tables. They are quite sturdy and beautiful. If colors are anything to go by and appreciate, they match the color of the coffee they're holding. It's pretty easy to construct; simply cut the barrel into half and use one as a storage space. It's not just for coffee, teas are welcomed.

3. Whiskey Barrel Dining Table 

You might want to reduce the cost of your dining table by using whiskey barrels for the legs. Ensure you paint and dry them so they can match the color of the hardwood covering them. Then can also be used for side stools. 

4. Whiskey Barrel Bar 

Oh yeah right! You can construct a rustic shooter's bar with your old whiskey barrels. If you're doing this yourself, you need to be very skillful. This won't be easy like the coffee or dining table. The bar will have a storage space, one or two shelves, and a top layer. Remember to clean the barrel, dry, and paint it to obtain a brilliant luster.

5. Whiskey Barrel Trash Can 

If you are fed up with flexible plastics that tend to break at any slightest provocation, you can end that circle right away with a whiskey barrel furniture. You need a large barrel for this since it's going to have a depth and typically cylindrical. It's going to have a cover as well so you don't just have it open all the time.

6. Whiskey Barrel Flower Vase 

A flower vase made with a whiskey barrel would look just perfect like the conventional wooden vase. It'll be hard to spot the difference and this comes for even less in cost. The versatility of this whiskey barrel furniture is too obvious to bypass. You can use it as just anywhere flowers are permitted. From the home to the office and church, the list is endless.

7. Whiskey Barrel Outdoor Table 

Having a whiskey barrel furniture in your lawn or garden would spice up your rustic fetish if you have one. If you don't, it isn't a bad idea one bit. A large barrel can get you an outdoor table; a small one that you can place your glass on or any other handy item. You can construct this one yourself and see how handy you can be. It's easy just like the coffee table.

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